Executive and Coaches

Coaches/Team Contacts

2022 Coaching Information will be coming soon.


If you have any immediate questions please contact an executive member.

Saxons Executive

Mike McMahon, President

Email: saxons.president@gmail.com

Phone: (905) 242-9660


Joe Schissler, Vice-President

Email: saxons.vicepresident@gmail.com

Don Maillet, Director of Rugby

Email: coachdonnie@gmail.com

Phone: (416) 524-2636


Mike Bradford, Treasurer

Email: saxons.treasurer@gmail.com

Nicole Kellar, Secretary

Email: saxons.secretary@gmail.com

Mel Crosby, Member at Large / Women's Rep.

Email: mel_procee@hotmail.com

Phone: (289) 251-1736

Chris Thurston, Member at Large

Email: thurstonchris75@gmail.com

Elizabeth Steadman, Member at Large

Email: elizabeth.steadman@hotmail.com

Todd Graves, Member at Large

Email: tagraves75@yahoo.com

Maddie Forestell, Social Media / Score Reporting

Email: saxons.socialmedia@gmail.com

Phone: (905) 269-1707