Saxons are always looking for ways to provide a quality program while keeping our registration fees as low as we can. We also invest money into the program through purchase of equipment, sending our coaches to coaching clinics, as well as putting a small amount of money aside for future growth. (We are currently in discussions with the town to make arrangements for change rooms and washroom facilities at the Westwood site. The town would require us to help fund these initiatives.)

We have been awarded a Bingo license so we will be organizing some bingos throughout the year. Bingo will start in July, 2017 and the Saxons will be hosting 13 Bingos for the remainder of the 2017 year.  Each Bingo will require at least 6 people of the age of majority volunteers in order to be run.  Please contact Don or Kate Maillet if you are able and willing to donate a couple hours in order to help with the Bingos.

The World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser helps us to build and support or program with only small increases in our dues. We understand that many people don't enjoy participating in fundraisers so we are trying to make is as easy as possible. 

We have priced the chocolates at $2/box as we feel this price point makes it a bit easier to sell. We are asking each family to sell one carton (30 boxes of chocolates). Obviously if you can sell more that is great, but if every family sells at least one carton it will be a big boost to the club. 

If you can pay the $60 up front that is great. If you cannot, or do not wish to pay up front, we are asking you to submit a postdated cheque to the Cobourg Saxons and dated for June 15. Please ensure your child's name is in the memo portion of the cheque. Cheques can be given to Mike Bradford, Nicole Kellar or Jeff Brown. 

We are offering an incentive for the team that has the highest average sales of chocolates. The winning team will have a Boston Pizza pizza party! We hope that this will introduce some friendly competition among the teams, and team work within the teams. 


Boston Pizza is one of our club sponsors. When dining at Boston Pizza remember to write Cobourg Saxons on the back of the bill and deposit it in the bin at the front of the store. Part of sponsorship money is based on the sales our club generates at Boston Pizza. 


The Saxons also have a Flip Give Campaign on the go. If you happen to be shopping on line use this link and a small percentage of what you buy will go back to the club. You can purchase from most major stores and restaurants on their. If you are going to be shopping online anyway then please consider going this route. 

Saxons Flip Give Link