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Playing Charter

Senior and Junior Members Players Charter

The aim of this players’ charter is to help make the Cobourg Saxons R.F.C. a better club both on and off the pitch. Rugby has a steep tradition that continues to be honored in rugby clubs around the world. The underlying principles of these traditions involves individuals conducting themselves in a respectful manner. The following guidelines are the expectations of our Senior and Junior aged rugby players. The overall aim is to teach these principles to our younger players—the next generation of Saxons. 


We play as a club and that means looking the part. On game day Saxons wear club shorts or plain black shorts and club socks. If provided with a training top, we wear the training top during pre-game warm up. 



During a game you rely on your teammates and they rely upon you. Therefore you have a responsibility to your teammates, coaches and captains to prepare. This includes attending weekly training sessions and arriving on time for both training and games. If you cannot make it to training, or are unable to make it on time; the responsibility rests with you to make your coaches and captains aware.

To allow for appropriate game day preparations we need to be ready as a team. Prior to the season, the coach and captain will set an agreed upon interval for which players will be dressed and ready to go prior to kick off (i.e. 60 mins.). Depending on the individual player this will likely mean some players will have to arrive ahead of time to ensure they are taped and kitted by the agreed upon time. 



The Coach is the only voice at training. The Captain(s) is the only voice on the field during game day. If you have cause for concern bring it up with the appropriate person at the appropriate time. To get the most out of our club on the pitch we need to make good use of our training and warm up time. Players must respect the chain of command. Stay calm and composed if you want your voice to be heard.



Always remember that without the opposition, or game officials there would be no game for you to take part in. Be competitive, but treat opposing players and match officials as you expect to be treated. If a one forgets this, a good club-mate will be there to remind them, just like you would support them in any other fashion on the pitch. This expectation of respect begins with your club executive, and includes coaches, team captains as well as the rest of the playing and non-playing members of the Cobourg Saxons.



As the club grows we are attracting younger players and their families. Please always observe propriety and be welcoming in your words and deeds when in the presence of our next generation of Saxons and their families. Like it or not you are somewhat of a role model to the clubs younger players. There is an old saying that rugby is a game played by gentlemen. It is important to note that whatever happens on the field we comport ourselves with decorum when off the pitch. 



Part of being a member of a club is supporting your club-mates. That includes but is not limited to: attending club social functions, including post game socials. Part of being a club member also involves watching and supporting other club teams. This is not meant to be onerous but rather to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and to further cement your on-field relationships. The club also relies on fundraising opportunities to help foster the club. Players are expected to participate in fundraising events throughout the year to each person’s ability. 



It is expensive to run any sports club. In order to provide our members with the best equipment and kit we are always looking to attract sponsors. Sponsors allow us to keep dues increases to a minimum while still offering a quality program. Please respect businesses and individuals who have allocated money so that you can have a better rugby experience. If their business offers goods or services please consider patronizing their business for these goods and services. Encourage family and friends to use these businesses and ask them to mention the club during their interaction with the business. 


The club relies almost primarily on public fields to play and local restaurants to host social events. Every member is expected to respect all venues that may be used by the club. Whether it be keeping the fields clean or respecting other patrons at social events, the senior members do set the example for the future generation of the club. Providing adequate training equipment is important to an ever growing program. Replacing equipment is a large expense that can be minimized by respecting club property. Equipment is to be maintained and used for its intended use. 


It’s important to remember to give back to the club when possible through volunteering. What helps to build and strengthen a club is when its members put back into it what they have gained themselves. This shows most strongly when initiated by its senior members. Senior club members should look to give back a minimum of 4 hours every season through volunteering. This could be accomplished through various avenues such fundraising, coaching, field and equipment maintenance, and/or social events. 

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