Rookie Rugby

In recent years,  the feedback we received was that parents wanted more rugby for their kids. In response the Saxons will be offering for 2018: Co-ed Flag Rugby for Under 7, Under 9 and Co-ed Introduction to Tackle Rugby for Under 11 and Under 13 age-groups.

For each of these age groups the rugby is modified to be played with 7 players aside. Having only 7 players on the field allows for plenty of opportunity for each player to run with the ball as well as make 'tackles' by grabbing an opponents flag. Flag rugby is, of course, non-contact and a great way to introduce children to one of the most popular sports in the world. 

Contact Information

U7 Co-Ed: 

Sammy Nadeau

Brittany Traverse

U9 Co-Ed:

Scott Caister


U11 Co-Ed:

Neil Ellis

Richard Price

Flag Rugby FAQ

What is Flag Rugby?
Flag rugby is a modified non-contact team game in which each player wears a belt that has two velcro tags or flags attached to it. Play is similar to rugby league where players attempt to retain possession of the rugby ball by running, dodging, and passing the ball up the field in an attempt to score or get "a try". The defenders meanwhile attempt to prevent the opposition from scoring by "tagging" or pulling off the velcor flag from the ball carrier's belt.

Do I need any special equipment? 
No special equipment is needed. Typical rubber soccer cleats are recommended but running shoes are fine too. Players will be provided with a game shirt to wear during training and games. The shirt is the players to keep. The flag belts and rugby balls are supplied by Cobourg Saxons Rugby Club. 

When are the games? 
All practices are Friday evenings from 6pm until 7:30 at Westwood Park in Cobourg. Under 9 and Under 11 rugby is played in a Festival format with teams entering 1-2 festivals per month from May through to August, with the season wrapping up with the Ontario Rugby Union Minis Festival in September. Festivals are one day events held on either Saturday or Sunday and typically run from 8:30am to 1pm. Festivals are never organized on long weekends. 

It says Co-ed, do boys and girls play together?
Yes, Flag Rugby is co-ed and players are organized according to age. There is no tackling in Flag Rugby as the object of the game is to remove the ball carrier's flag. 

What happens if we miss a week? 
We understand that summer is a busy time for families, if you are unable to attend a practice or a festival please let your coach know as soon as you are aware of the conflict. 

How do I register?
Registration is adminstered by Ontario Rugby Union via a third party company called Sport Lomo. The link and instructions for registration can be found by clicking the registration link above.