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Saxons Old Boys (SOBs)

The Saxons Old Boys (SOBs), are Cobourg and area's over 35 men's rugby team. Some have said we are a group of men with odd shaped balls playing rugby...and I guess they might be right. 


The SOBs have a traditional approach to rugby: We believe that rugby is a physically demanding sport, and a hard game should be rewarded with a cold beverage. We usually choose beer but the choice is yours. We take our rugby seriously but not too serious. We endeavour to give our opponents a hard match on the pitch, as well as a good time 'down the pub' after the match.  
We play approx. 8 to 10 games per season between the spring and fall...Lets face it, we all have better things to do with our summers than run around a field with a bunch of sweaty men chasing a ball. We rarely practice, but are not opposed to the idea, especially if there are some new guys looking for a few tips...And it would certainly give us an excuse to head down to the pub afterwards to 'continue the lesson'.


We are always looking to increase our membership and rugby experience is not necessary. All that is required is a black pair of athletic shorts, a pair of cleats and a keen desire to work hard and have fun. Club socks are provided when you pay your registration fee and jerseys are supplied by the club and returned at the end of the game. Games are mostly played on Sundays but we have been known to have a rare Saturday afternoon game and the odd Friday night game.



Mike McKelvie

Mike McMahon

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