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About the Cobourg Saxons Rugby Club

Our History

The Cobourg Saxons were established in 1997 with the club's first General Meeting being held at Kelly's Homelike Inn on December 22, 1997. The idea of club rugby in Cobourg was always something much talked about by local rugby players, particularly during travels home from various clubs with which the Cobourg players associated with. Two key people involved in the inception of the Saxons were Mike McMahon and Bob Richards. Mike and several other Cobourg players had been travelling to Oshawa to play rugby with the Oshawa Vikings; while Bob and a handful of others had been playing for the Ajax Wanderers. Whenever Bob and Mike would cross paths, inevitably there would be a discussion about starting a rugby club in Cobourg.

One of the aspects driving the rugby culture in Cobourg was the occurrence of an annual alumni game at CDCI West where returning West Vikings players would teach the current high school players a few lessons between the stripes.  This idea came from the West Vikings coach Don Thompson. CDCI East would eventually hold their own alumni game. McMahon had already began looking into the process of starting a new rugby club. Richards and McMahon decided that a cro
ss town alumni game, pitting the alumni from CDCI West against the alumni of CDCI East might be the best way to determine if there was enough interest for a senior men's rugby team in Cobourg. Many fans turned up for the Alumni contest and a hard fought battle played out on the rugby pitch at CDCI East. A lively social followed the game and plans for a senior men's rugby team were revealed to those in attendance. The interest was definitely there!

The Saxons inaugural season in the summer of 1998 saw the Cobourg Saxons 1st VX go undefeated and un-scored on for the first 5 games of the season! The 2nd VX were equally competitive in their division. The Toronto Rugby Union would eventually move the Saxons 1st XV up to Division 4 to complete their first season. There were some very hard fought battles that fall and the Saxons 1st XV were ultimately crowned Division IV champions while the Saxons 2nd XV also finished first in their division.

Dina Davis and Steve Barlow had established a women's rugby team, the Cobourg Crash, one year prior to the Saxons arriving. Spring of 1999 saw the Cobourg Saxons and the Cobourg Crash unite to become The Cobourg Saxons Rugby Football Club. Junior girls' and boys' programs were added shortly after that. A few years later Bob Richards and Simon Miranda (aka "Papa B"), went on to form the S.O.B.'s or Saxon Old Boys. In 2014 the Saxons would add minor rugby to their offerings. This exposed the young players parents to rugby and eventually there was a demand for a women's Touch Rugby team--and The Saxons Dirty Dames were born.

The Cobourg club takes the name of the great Saxon Warriors who were known for their barbaric and highly effective combative techniques. This is appropriate in that the town of Cobourg was named for Cobourg, Germany after the marriage of a very popular prince and princess. The wedding took place in the district of Saxony.


Present Day

Today, the Cobourg Saxons Rugby Club is home to eight different age divisions beginning with our youngest athletes in our Rookie Rugby Program to our Saxons Old Boys with our 'experienced' members over the age of 35 years.

The Cobourg Saxons Rugby Clubs prides itself in raising strong, resilient and confident athletes who can compete at the highest level, make lasting relationships with other players and coaches, and join not only a sports organization but a family. Our expert coaches are committed to ensuring each member has a safe and positive experience.

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